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Foreign Exchange Risk Management


Foreign exchange (FX) volatility can be destabilising for your business, but you can manage your exposure to FX risk. FX solutions are not just for big businesses. Any business with currency exposure needs to manage FX risk, particularly in volatile markets.

You could benefit from FX risk management if you are:

  • An importer or exporter with invoices or receipts quoted in foreign currencies
  • A borrower with loans denominated in foreign currencies
  • An investor in overseas assets denominated in foreign currencies
  • Repatriating overseas profits
  • Paying or receiving foreign currency amounts


NAB can offer a range of products and strategies based on our detailed understanding of your business and of the global FX markets. Our range of products include:

  • Spot and/or forward FX contracts
  • Foreign currency accounts
  • Foreign currency term deposits
  • Bought call and/or put options

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