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Forms and Important Information



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Important Information for Application
New Customer to NAB India

If you do not have any existing product with us, please complete the following forms:

Customer Application Form AND
Product Application Document AND

Customer Application Form

For new customers only

(73.9 kb) Customer Information Form - Corporate

(1.2 mb) Customer Information Form Supplement - FATCA (Corporate)

(200 kb) Customer Information Form - Individual

(610 kb) Customer Information and CRS Tax Declaration Form - Financial Institutions/Corporates/Partnerships/Sole Proprietors/Deceased Estate/Trust/HUF)

(1 mb) Customer Information and CRS Tax Declaration Form - Individual/Controlling Person of Entity)

Product Application Document

Before completing the application documents, please make sure you have read and understand the Terms and Conditions governing the respective product. For new customers without existing product with us, a complete Customer Application Form is also required.

Deposit Accounts


Savings Account

(72.5 kb) Savings Account Application Form

Current Account

(74.9 kb) Current Account Application Form


Term Deposit Account

(75.8 kb) Term Deposit Application Form

Deposit Accounts
Notice of Authority


(64.5 kb) Notice of Authority (Personal Account)

(74.9 kb) Notice of Authority (Company/Partnership/Sole Proprietorship/Trusts/HUF)

Email / Fax Authority

(65.2 kb) Email/ Fax Authority (Terms of Authority)


(60.6 kb) Letter of Mandate

(51.3 kb) Nomination Form


Customer Service Forms

All instructions and amendment forms must reach us by the stipulated time to be effective.

Deposit Accounts

For withdrawals from Savings and Current Accounts
For transfer of fund from NAB account to another account

(77.7 kb) Transfer Request Form

(45.5 kb) RTGS/NEFT Transaction Request Form

For changing of interest receiving account
For withdrawals of Term Deposits
For changing the rollover / maturity instructions of the Term Deposit

(78.4 kb) Term Deposit Change of Renewal/Withdrawal Instruction Form

For change of joint holder details
For change of debit authorisation

(49.8 kb) Account Details - Addition/Deletion/Modification Form

For change of address or address updation

(51.8 kb) Address Change Form


Change in nomination

(47.8 kb) Cancellation of Nomination Form

(53.2 kb) Variation of Nomination Form

Terms and Conditions
Deposit Accounts

(138 kb) Terms and Conditions for Deposit Accounts

Fees & Charges


(244 kb) Guide to Fees and Charges

(36.6 kb) Trade Finance Fees and Charges

Code of Bank's Commitment to Customers

(583 kb) English

(2.5 mb) Hindi

(18.3 mb) Marathi

(2.5 mb) Code of Bank's Commitment to Micro and Small Enterprises

(46.0 kb) Cheque Collection Policy

(40.8 kb) Compensation Policy

(48.9 kb) Deposit Policy

(79.4 kb) Deceased Depositors Policy

(49.1 kb) Grievances Redressal Policy

(69.9 kb) Fair Practices Codes - Lending

(71.5 kb) Citizen's Charter 

(211 kb) Customer Right's Policy

Other Information

(187 kb) Corporate Social Responsibility Policy



Contact us



901, 9th Floor, Nariman Bhavan
227 Backbay Reclamation
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400021, India

Tel: +91 22 6198 8200
Fax: +91 22 6198 8299

Service Hours:

Monday to Saturday : 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
2nd & 4th Saturday, Sunday & holiday closed