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Australia Property Investment Guide – Rules of buying property in Australia

Buying an investment property in Australia can be equal parts excitement and fear. To add on, the rules surrounding the purchase of Australian real estate by a foreigner can be fairly complex. With solid research though, you can find the experience a lot less stressful.

The NAB Australia Property Investment Guide gives you a simple overview of some key rules and policies that you should know before you buy a property in Australia, including:

  • Overview of Australian government - Find out who sets out the policies for land ownership and stamp duties.
  • Property titles in Australia - Did you know every piece of land in Australia has a certificate of title? Find out why?
  • The rules for foreigners buying property in Australia - Find out what type of property you can buy if you are foreigner.
  • FIRB approval & exemptions - It's best if you check if you need to take FIRB approval to purchase property in Australia before you make an offer.
  • Finding the right property to buy - Tips to find an ideal property for you to invest in.
  • Ownership structures you can consider - Have you considered alternate ways you can own property in Australia?

For full analysis, download report:

Australia Property Investment Guide (PDF, 1.7MB)

First published in September 2015.