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International students living in Australia can choose from a range of student housing options based on their budget and needs. Making a checklist can help you understand the basic procedure and the right order to do things.  Here is a simple yet comprehensive checklist that you can add to.

Check with your institution for a list of local student accommodation providers

Opt for various student accommodation services available

As an international student in Australia, you can choose from the following:


Campus accommodation

Most universities and colleges offer student accommodation either on or near the campus. This includes apartment-style housing and halls of residence and residential colleges, which are inclusive of meals.

Various services such as meals, sporting, social, library, computer facilities and laundry are offered by campus housing options. Costs may vary based on the services you choose to use during your stay.

You’ll need to apply early through your university as there is a rising demand for campus accommodation.


Special student accommodation and private accommodation services

There are a number of private companies which offer accommodation for international students in Australia. You can choose from one of these options for affordable housing:


Shared and rental accommodation

Living off campus in shared, rental accommodation is extremely popular with a lot of international students. You can look out for advertisements on campus and in local newspapers for rental accommodation. It is important to keep in mind that living in a shared accommodation implies a few things:

  • You’ll be provided with furniture and a bed
  • You’ll need to share utility bills with your housemates/flatmates
  • For rental housing arrangements, rent is normally paid in advance. Landlords will usually ask you to pay a bond or a deposit that is equal to one month’s rent against a receipt


You can check for safe and comfortable rental accommodations at:



International students who prefer adult supervision can choose homestays. Living in a homestay implies a few things such as:

This kind of living arrangement provides meals; however, if you prefer to cook your own food then there are self-catering homestays as well

Single or shared rooms are also available. Shared rooms work out cheaper the majority of the time. Universities maintain a record of families that provide homestay accommodation and keep a check on their credibility and living standards

If you are under 18 years of age then you may consider using a Guardian Service

You can choose a suburb to live in, depending on the location of your university. Keep in mind that some suburbs have different agreement contracts hence using the services of a broker or a solicitor is always a wise idea. You can find ideal accommodation at:

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