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Activating your NAB bank account in Australia

Once you receive your confirmation letter by e-mail, schedule an appointment to meet your NAB banker. You can now transfer funds online into your new account(s). It’s important to note that you’ll be unable to transfer funds between your accounts or make any withdrawals once money has been deposited. When you’ve arrived in Australia, it’s a requirement of the Australian Government that you provide your proof of identity. Once this has been completed, you can then transfer money between your NAB account(s) and carry out withdrawals on the account.

Step 1

If requested in your welcome letter schedule an appointment with your NAB banker before you arrive in Australia.*

Step 2

You’ll need to bring with you proof of your identity as required by Australian legislation. For instance, you can show your passport with arrival stamp within 6 weeks of arrival in Australia.

Step 3

Your NAB banker will provide you with your new bank card(s) and/or cheque book(s) and help you with any other need you may have.


*Note: Certain branches require an appointment to activate your account, refer to your welcome letter to see if necessary.



Contact Migrant Banking


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