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Once you’ve landed in Australia, you’ll need a temporary place to stay for the first few weeks or even months. You could choose a self-contained and fully furnished apartment or motel. The cost of the accommodation will vary, depending on the location, size of the property and the season you choose to move in.

Renting a home in Australia

There are many ways you can rent a home, for example using the services of a real estate agent or contacting a private landlord directly. Visit and  for places to rent.

Buying your home in Australia

Whether you want a house in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any other prime area, here are a couple of options to help you get started in your search to buy your ideal home:

  • You can be a part of an auction where buyers bid against each other. Most properties will have an undisclosed reserve price
  • You can buy a home through a private treaty where the buyer enters into private negotiations with the seller

The NAB property inspection check  list (Property checklist PDF) can help assess the home you choose before you agree to pay a deposit.  You can also use the NAB property inspection record (Property inspection PDF) for all the homes that you see and want to narrow down into a final list. Get a building inspector to evaluate your new home since this will ensure that the house is up to date and all the plumbing and electrical work is in good order for buying. Engage with a solicitor to review the sale contract to ensure that there are no hidden clauses that might cause problems.

Opting for a home loan in Australia

When you’ve chosen a house that you would like to make into “your home”, you’ll need to analyse your budget and current financial commitments. Getting house finance is not a tough process if you opt for the right lender. The process for getting a home loan from an Australian lender generally involves visiting a local branch. The process for getting a competitively priced home loan with an attractive interest rate is as follows:

  • Apply for home finance
  • Give your documents for verification
  • Have the property evaluated
  • Obtain the required approval and proceed to settlement

Before you apply for a home loan you’ll have to form a checklist. A sample list is mentioned below, and you can add to this list depending on your housing requirements:

Speak with a NAB Migrant Banker about a home loan before you arrive.

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